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The GreenCare Landscape Maintenance Program will ensure season-long weed control on all landscaped areas of your property. This program consists of monthly visits between April and October. The first two visits include all rock and mulched landscape. The remaining visits include the landscaped areas, plus hard surfaces such as sidewalk cracks and parking lot areas. All services will be performed as weather permits. Our staff will do whatever is necessary to keep your landscape weed-free.

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Our technicians are well-trained and will be very careful not to harm the shrubs or other plants in the target area. GreenCare uses a combination of methods to ensure a weed-free landscape. Hand-weeding is a cultural method that is commonly used. We will always use this method in annual and perennial flowerbeds where there are adjacent plants that could be harmed by a chemical application. A chemical such as Roundup can also be used very effectively to eliminate weeds in and around your landscape.