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Grounds Maintenance

GreenCare will create a mowing schedule that will best fit your needs. A standard schedule includes a spring cleanup, mowing visits, and a fall cleanup. Mowing is to be completed once a week under normal conditions. Trimming of grass along edges is to be performed as needed. Spring cleanup is performed in April and fall cleanup is performed in October or early November.

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GreenCare uses state-of-the-art lawn mowers, and our maintenance crews use a wide variety of grounds care equipment, so we can properly care and maintain your lawn.

Our full-season program includes spring and fall cleanups. We will remove leaves and dead grass from the lawn and landscaped areas around your home or building to give your property a fresh new start for the spring. This process invigorates the lawn and gets it going for the season. GreenCare crews will also remove sand deposited on the grass from snow removal and can repair any snowplow damage that may have occurred over the winter. In the fall, removing the leaves from your property is a very labor-intensive and time-consuming job. GreenCare has established a system that maximizes our labor and equipment and minimizes the time spent on the job. Our process involves using leaf blowers to blow all of the leaves from around the house and out of landscape beds into the yard. We then use our mulching mowers to chop the leaves into tiny particles. Our bagging mowers will then vacuum the lawn, leaving your property spotless and leaf-free. The fall leaf cleanup, followed by a fertilizer application, is a great way to put your lawn to bed for the long winter that follows.

For more information on grounds care and maintenance, please visit our FAQ page.