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Irrigation Services

GreenCare has built its reputation by designing, installing, and servicing irrigation systems. A team of professionals will develop an irrigation plan specifically for you, whether your project is for your home or business. GreenCare also specializes in irrigation systems for athletic facilities. GreenCare professionals know that customer service is the key ingredient to our success.

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Sprinkler Systems

The installation of an efficient sprinkler system begins with a good design. The system must apply water uniformly over the desired area with head to head coverage. Choosing the appropriate sprinkler for a given area is important, but the location and spacing of sprinklers is equally important.

Proper spacing of sprinklers is critical in achieving uniform water application. Sprinklers spaced too far apart will waste water by applying too much water in some areas and not enough in others.

Pipe sizing is another important aspect of proper design. Selection of pipe sizes should be based on water gallons per minute available and sprinkler types used; incorrect pipe sizing can cause some sprinklers to apply more water than others, resulting in non-uniform application and wasted water.

System Design

GreenCare will design and propose a system that will meet your needs. We have qualified staff that can design a system for residential, commercial, landscape beds, and athletic complexes. We design the system for maximum coverage in an innovative and efficient manner, using the highest quality and most up-to-date components and materials available.

The GreenCare Installation Difference:

  • Extensive experience in the breadth of projects completed: homes, lake homes, apartments, townhomes, commercial, retail, government, industrial, athletic, drip irrigation, and indoor tropical gardens, to name a few. Project sizes have varied from 1 residential lot to 1 city block to a complete complex of homes, commercial property, or athletic fields.
  • Dedicated irrigation crews, service crews, vehicles and equipment. Irrigation is not a side line.
  • GreenCare follows industry practices in our designs so as to not exceed water source capability in gpm (gallons per minute) and flow (feet per second). Systems are installed per commercial specs.
  • GreenCare only installs name brand, commercial grade irrigation equipment manufactured by industry leaders such as Hunter, Weathermatic, Rain Bird, & Toro.
  • An industry-standard backflow prevention device is provided and installed, with backdrains on the bottom of the backflow prevention device.
  • GreenCare uses copper pipe and fittings in above-ground piping, vs. black poly used by others.
  • We use PVC pipe and fittings for mainline piping. This provides for glued and fitted piping, vs. screw clamps on poly pipe.
  • Double oetiker clamps on poly pipe lateral lines vs. 1 clamp.
  • 14 GA control wire vs. 18 GA, with waterproof wire nuts on all below-ground connections.
  • Irrigation control wires above ground are run in conduit for neatness and code compliance.

System Service

Our professionally-trained technicians service and repair all elements and makes of lawn and shrub irrigation systems, including controllers, weather sensors, sprinkler heads, electric and manual valves, drip irrigation, and more. Whether your system is installed by GreenCare or installed by another contractor, you are guaranteed we can handle any service needs that arise.

GreenCare offers a variety of services when it comes to maintaining and utilizing your sprinkler system in the most efficient way possible. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Spring Startup
  • Monthly Service Checkups
  • Fall Shutdown
  • Add-ons to Systems, Upgrades
  • Repairs to Leaks, Heads, and Pipes
  • Locate Requests
  • Weather Sensor Installation
  • Backflow Testing
  • System Wi-Fi Upgrade

Products We Install

Hunter Rain Bird Toro Weathermatic

Irrigation Library

GreenCare has provided these easy-to-understand owner's manuals and instruction sheets for your reference: